BMG Certified Public Accountants, LLP Celebrates

100 Years of Delivering Solutions to Tough Business Problems


We are thrilled to announce that, in 2024, BMG Certified Public Accountants, LLP is celebrating 100 years of providing professional services to our clients.


BMG traces its start to 1924 when Robert VanBoskirk and Calvin B. Remington partnered to create one of the first accounting firms in Lincoln, Nebraska. – Learn more.


In 1973, the firm split into two new firms.  One eventually became BMG Certified Public Accountants, LLP and the other Strain, Slattery, Barkley & Co, PC.  In 2020, these two firms merged, rejoining the two halves of the original firm.  Since 2020, the merged firm continues to operate under the BMG name.


Today BMG continues to offer quality services to its clients in the tradition established by our founders.  It is clear that the core values set by our founders 100 years ago served the firm well as it continues to exist.  Every day, we strive to uphold the core values of our profession so we can continue to serve our clients responsibly and ethically.  We look forward to continuing this tradition in 2024 and beyond.